The long winter has finally gone.

Now, news of spring flowers is coming from all over the place.

A friend who went to Jeju recently sent me a picture.

It’s full of camellia, and I’m taking pictures in between.

I felt like I was healing just by looking at it makes me feel refreshed.

It’s getting warmer now.

I thought it would be nice if you could give me a self-present.

I wanted to get a high-end Pangyo massage.

So, I’ve been asking around, selling my feet.

The last place you’ve chosen,

It was called The Trinity 수원건마 School.

This place has a variety of management configurations.

The other blog reviews are so good word of mouth-

I visited with high expectations!

And I realized why so many people…

I can understand if you complimented her.

I wanted to keep going in the future.

With many branches across the country,

There’s a lot of events going on every time.

The burden of using it can be greatly reduced.

I’ve been taking care of my skin.

I’ve never received a full body before, so I’ll take it easy.

I’ve decided to get full body care!

Pangyo Massage is very popular.

I heard it’s a place where many celebrities go.

Maybe I’ll have a chance to meet a celebrity.

I was looking forward to it, but unfortunately, because of Corona,

We’ll coordinate the schedule thoroughly and operate on a 100% reservation basis.

I didn’t have to run into other customers.

This thorough management has never been a problem.

I thought it was safe and sound.

Anyway, make a reservation in advance.

I came here right after work.

It’s an easy spot to find.

I think I’ll be able to visit my room comfortably.

The staff was so kind to me when I visited.

QR codes and body temperature checks, which are essential everywhere we go these days,

I’ve been waiting.

I’ve seen a lot of events going on inside.

I had a lot of worries about what I should do.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too long.

I want you to give me a detailed consultation on what I should get.

I didn’t have much trouble choosing!

To select the program in earnest,

I’m going to chart it first.

If you write down your physical condition now,

The manager looked at it and said,

Please recommend me the programs that I need.

I’m tired. I’m not feeling well.

There’s a lot of muscle clump.

When I was feeling down,

Just because you feel better after a full-body care,

I decided to get this!

And there’s a subtle aroma in the store.

It was a healing sensation.

Staying alone is great for refreshment!

Anyway, it’s exhausting, body balance.

We’ll decide on the Pangyo massage that we can take at the same time.

I’ve prepared this for you to take care of course!

Full-body care is a major source of tension and stress.

He said he’d control muscle pain.

I’ve been feeling languid lately. I’ve been poking around.

I wish I could take good care of myself and cheer up.~

He showed me to the room right after the decision.

The cozy care room has a nice, cozy atmosphere.

I could feel that it was a private space.

It was a perfect atmosphere for comfortable care.

Most spa rooms are shared with many people.

There’s a lot of form and discomfort here.

Each room is decorated with a private space, so you don’t have to look around.

I love how we can make things easier.

I loved the beddings.

He really caught my eye, too!

This is a motion bed. It’s a direct import from Europe.

It’s an electric latex bad!

When I was undergoing care, my manager adjusted the angle little by little.

I was able to take care of it very comfortably.

And the bed’s much thicker than a regular bed.

Should I say it’s like holding your body in a stable manner?

I don’t think this is a big deal, but if you lie down for a long time,

You’re bound to feel stiff.

I’m just lying down here.It’s healing enough to come.

It was nice to sleep in such a comfortable position!

All the beds and beds were good, but the whole room was…

Clean and hotel-like quality.

I feel like I’m at a high-end spa.

I felt so good!

The room also has a locker.

Interestingly, it wasn’t a key but a password.

It was so easy because I didn’t have to pack my keys separately.

There’s an air purifier nearby.

I was able to proceed with confidence even at this time of the year!

It’s a great place to lie down. It’s really comfortable for our customers.

I feel like I’ve been paying a lot of attention.

I’ll give you a perfect score overall, plus an extra point.

I was so satisfied that I wanted to add more!

But I’m not here for a night.

I’m here for Pangyo massage, so I have to see how good I am, right?

Just a wearing your mask and hand washing.

You came in, and as soon as you touched my back,

The moans were so cool that I could hear them!

My shoulders are stiff.

His movements weren’t natural, but after he was taken care of,

It was so refreshing as if a heavy stone had disappeared!

Apply oil and gently smooth.

She’s taking care of her whole body downstairs.

I was worried about being sick.

It’s too cool and soft pressure?

There’s no pressure on pregnant women.

I thought I could take care of myself.

Pangyo Massage Complete Fatigue Recovery

Especially in areas where it’s hard to squeeze out.

The techniques are different for each part, too. It was cool.

It’s not just full-body care that gives you strength.

Depending on the degree of clumpiness,

They’re controlling the technique, so why the reviews are so good here?

It was a moment of empathy!

The whole body is balanced.

Feeling healthier!

As the management progresses,

I feel like I’m completely relaxed and melting.

As my body stretched out, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I found the stones in my body…

It feels like they’re all gone!

It’s so cool before it comes out.

We made a reservation for the next time!

After everything’s done, I’m in the powder room.

It’s so neat here, so I’m a little sorry to make it dirty.

I love it so much that it’s a luxury gift for me.

I thought I’d just go once.

I’m gonna have to keep going as a regular.

That’s the charm!

Of course, there was a reason why it wasn’t as burdensome as I thought.

Anyway, if you’re worried about Pangyo Massage,

I strongly recommend the Trinity School.

Now, news of spring flowers is coming from all over the place.

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