I was bombed in a practical class

The next day, I was suffering from a lot of muscle pain

I went to Body Skin

It’s famous for its massage at Sungshin Women’s University

I’m sure your friends recommended you

It was a place where I was more excited before my visit

I’m keeping my rules 강남피쉬안마 against the disease

I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to

He was kind to us as soon as he got in

basic information, parts that you want to take care of, etc.

I wrote a simple profile

After the profile creation is finished

I’m gonna go to the management room, change my clothes

I started massaging in earnest

Ask me what’s going on in your body

I’m going to find out where it’s uncomfortable

It was great to have a massage

I’ve been running with plenty of oil

The muscles are all in a bunch

Ask if he does anything that’s standing for a long time

Face beauty massage is of course a place – but there was something more important.

I got a massage, and I wanted to circle it out, to manage my hand and to manage my pain.

The room looks like this. The director massages himself, so only one person is available at a time, and you have to make a reservation in advance.

In a quiet room, I really did not have a break – the director who touched me for an hour ..!

As I said above, I received all the massages – at first I was actually sick. I had a long massage experience that I had received from mainland Thailand!

It was a different massage from the massage I received until this time.

I was sorry this wasn’t expressed in the picture. First of all, this is what you see with the naked eye?

The director should be seen as the original shoulder wing bone, but if you keep in one position, you can not see it, I will let you see it – the parts of your body have to go to their place and touched it

I am very proud of you because you say that it is different from general massage because it releases muscles from deep. I think it is cool all the time, but especially when I get all the difference and stand up!Usually, when you get a massage, it feels cool and you walk out of the store, but what you get here is just cool all the time? I’m so surprised that I’m not like before. I’m so surprised that I’m talking to the local community.

I still remember writing this. I want to release my hard shoulders.

It seemed that many people came for treatment because of the body that does not move smoothly or loosen the muscles that are gathered with fatigue.

I knew the feeling of those who came to me. I only received it once, but this part of my body… was able to move this direction.

Turns out the director grew up in a family of oriental medicine

I’m so hard I want to release you

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