When you do business, you may need temporary emergency funds, and you may need long-term investment to lay the foundations for growth.
It is a great help to use the government-run loan system. The government is supporting low-interest loans to SMEs that are experiencing temporary financial difficulties, small and medium-sized enterprises with high growth potential, promising young businesses and social enterprises in business difficulties.
In addition to the government, local governments and government investment institutions are also implementing various loan systems for SMEs, with more than 3,000 funds and 3,000 types.
Our tax office is guiding the pilot companies to a loan system for SMEs that is useful. Please review the conditions and apply, and make a good use of the government’s low interest rate funds
However, since the loan system is operated so diversely, it is difficult to introduce all of the contents on this blog. In this blog, I will guide you to the contents that will be universally helpful to the operators. If you want to know more about various loan systems, policy funds, and subsidies for SMEs, please contact the following phone number.
Today, I will introduce small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small business owners.
Small business owners are small businesses, and the standard is 폰테크 the number of employees.
The policy funds for small business owners are greatly divided. General management stabilization fund growth base fund Special management stabilization fund Smart small business owners support funds are that.
General management stabilization funds are funds for businesses that are struggling with financial difficulties. Fund size, interest rates are higher than policy funds. The loan limit is per operator, and depends on the operator’s operating profit and sales credit; during the repayment period, interest will be paid only and then interest and principal will be paid in installments for the next period.
Growth-based funds are targeted at businesses with high growth potential and are supported step by step, but only small business owners in the manufacturing sector who have been doing business abnormally on the basis of business registration date. It is the size of the funds, and is supported until it is exhausted; interest rates are higher than policy funds base rates; the loan limits vary depending on the nature of the funds, and the facility funds are the working capital per operator. The repayment period is 8 years for facility funds and working capital.
It’s literally funded in a special disaster situation. It is supported by young businesses, youth employment companies, and social enterprises that are experiencing financial difficulties when the recession continues or the Corona situation is prolonged as it is now. It’s the size of the funds, and it’s supported until it’s exhausted.
The special fund provider for youth employment must be a small business owner who is a young person or a young person.
Rechallenges are targeted at businesses with high growth rates among low-credit people with low credit ratings; the interest rate, the loan limit and the repayment period are determined through consultation.
Social enterprise-only fund cooperatives, social enterprises, and village enterprises are targeted. Interest rates are due.
Smart small business support funds are supported by companies that introduce smart facilities as innovative companies. It is the size of funds.The repayment period is for the facility introduction fund and the operation fund.

Government-funded low-interest loans

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