Children’s Day is just around the corner!
On Children’s Day, mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather,
Aunts, aunts, uncles, Children’s Day presents.
The time has come to prepare in advance!

It’s Friday, April 23rd at 2 o’clock!
The must-see news!

With Naver Shopping Live, Luxury Toys
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It’s the news that there will be a super-special sale.

American luxury toy brand 레플리카 with 100 years of tradition
Radio Flyer and the Spanish craftsman’s lifelike.
Children’s Day special prepared by the doll Berenguer!

Products sold as special home appliances on Children’s Day
If you take a closer look!

First of all, the national tricycle that even the triplets rode in Korea.
Foldable Best Seller Original Department Store KRW 109,000
It’s sold at a special price of 56,000 won!

It’s foldable. It’s easy to carry in a car.
Bicycle that can be together anytime, anywhere!

No noise, no noise between floors.
It’s a bike that can be ridden from 18 months to 5 years old.
You can ride it for a long time.Haha

In addition to KC certification, it has amazing cost-effectiveness.
Olively, play in the kitchen!
Steam, water, and fire come out, but the price is very special!!

And it’s a kitchen game full of Nordic sensibilities.
It’s also the best with an ivang interior.Haha

And then the product I’m most interested in,
Baby Care Center!

My kids love playing in the hospital.
Made in France High-Quality Details and Best Material
It’s a toy that you can play in a really detailed hospital.

At a discounted price at this Children’s Day supermarket,
Just because I can meet him,
I’m definitely going to watch it live.Haha

Finally, Berengue, the world’s most attached doll.
You can meet them on Naver Shopping Live at a special price.^^

We shouldn’t miss out on special benefits during the live broadcast.
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Benefit 1) The lowest price on the planet Famous brand
All the popular toys!
-Folding bicycle, kitchen play, hospital play

Benefit 2) Purchase certification Gift is this product!

Benefits 3) Quiz king and communication king again.
Gift present!

It’s for my kid, so it’s more meticulous.
They’re paying you back with the best quality.
I’m looking forward to Children’s Day special appliances.^^

A luxury toy that only collects items that children love.
On April 23, 2 p.m., Naver Shopping Live.
Meet me ^^

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