As I grew older, I became old enough to take care of my body.

Are you taking good care of yourself? I’ve always had my nerves in my body.

I haven’t been able to use it, so I’ve been trying to manage it a lot lately. especially

I think it’s essential to take care of your body when it’s this cold. Ladies,

As you can relate, every time I see a wrinkle, it’s so sad. crying

The reason why I decided to take care of my body is because of my birthday not too long ago.

It is because my friend booked Gansuk-dong business trip Tai Masaji as a gift to me.

I wasn’t particularly interested in massages other than the ones I had once or twice in China.

So I didn’t even think about getting a massage in Korea. a friend of mine

You said that once you get the care, you’ll do it once or twice a month.

I strongly recommended it and gave it to you like this!! Because of the already cold weather.

Anyway, just call and tell me your name and make a reservation.

I made a reservation because you said 홈타이 you could!!

So the reservation date for Gansuk-dong business trip Taimasa Temple came, and that day was the day my parents weren’t there, so I felt comfortable at home.

You have reserved a home tie. The manager of Gansuk-dong Business Travel Taimasa Temple visited us during the reservation time and it was our first time.

I was awkward and nervous, but the manager was kind enough to me.

He told me what to do. You brought me a folding bed or something.

He opened it up and started giving me a massage.

He gave me a massage from the beginning, but he used a tool to put pressure on the sole of his foot.

This is a professional massage! That’s what I thought. It was so cool.

My lower body was swollen just in time, but it was good that you warmed up the soles of your feet so well.

And he let her go, and it was amazing!! It’s gonna hurt a little.

You told me in advance. The calves get tired easily, so when you relax the calves a little,

He said the pain is normal. Like I said, it hurt a little bit, but it wasn’t pain.

It was very good because I felt like my fatigue had been relieved.

Next, he massaged my thighs. It’s like he’s got a lot of clumps on his thighs.

It was so tight that I could tell it was clumped with just a little touch.

My thighs hurt a bit, but I loved it because it was cooler like my calves!

And then he massaged my butt, and he gave me a massage with his elbow.

Amazingly, you’re only looking for a place where it’s lumps. As expected, professional managers.

You guys felt different!! His hips and lower back are connected. His waist.

I heard that people who are not feeling well should loosen their hips first?

I guess that’s why you said that. He’s so nice to me anyway.

I’ve lost faith. And then you use tools to massage your back and your whole body.

They used it and gave me a massage. Stretch her back.

Do something that makes a crunchy sound. You do things like chuna therapy.

I personally liked it very much. My back, shoulders, and neck are already part of my company life.

I’m so tired on the side, and it was nice to see you take care of me so intensively

Massage to take 홈타이 care of the tired body

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