The scent is soft and cozy because it smells like baby powder. Smell, smell, smell!

It’s for the body and face, but it smells like it’s relaxing.

It seems to help ease tension, too! Maybe it’s just a feeling.

It’s good because it’s a combination of oil and cream, and it’s not sticky. Moisture><<

It contains moisturizing ingredients such as Biz wax, glycerin, etc., so even after the massage,

My skin is moist.

If you use it incorrectly, your skin may become drier after the massage.

LeBril and facial massage creams are safe to use.+_+

It’s a non-sticky type that doesn’t feel bad even if there’s residue on the hands and doesn’t absorb quickly.

It’s efficient because you don’t have to squeeze the cream from time to time even after a long massage.

If it’s a cream that absorbs on the face, it’s important to absorb it quickly, but for massage creams,

If it absorbs too fast, you have to squeeze it from time to time, so it’s hard to massage properly!

It’s not only used to reduce friction, it’s also good for soothing the skin.

It is a face massage cream that contains various natural extracts. Healing Healing!

It’s not just for the face but also for the body massage.

I think it’s good to massage your arms or legs or neck!

I have to massage her frequently because of her circulation and tight muscles.

I like the cost-effectiveness because I think I can use it with my sister for a long time!

There are many times when it’s hard to wipe off after a massage with two high-quality sponges.

After massage, gently wipe with a sponge to make the finish clean, too!

Even if you don’t have a sponge, massage it gently and wipe it lightly with a cotton pad or tissue to finish your home care!

If you wipe it with a sponge, you can finish it more smoothly without irritation.

The oil base massage cream only puts pressure on 부천 스웨디시 the skin due to friction.

LeBril and facial massage creams help cleanse your skin.

It also cleans up the dead skin cells and skin wastes that have been accumulated.

You need to be consistent to have a clearer skin.

It’s the animal’s capacity, so it doesn’t seem to shrink even if you use it or use it.

When it’s this much, I think it’s a case of sheep over quality.

LeBril and Facial Massage Cream are products of both quality, so it’s good to have no pressure!

It’s a high-capacity and satisfying product, so I’ll have to use it every time I massage it.

It’s a pressing product, so I think I’ll use it hygienically for a long time!

For those looking for a soft face massage cream,

I recommend LeBril and Suerte massage cream.

Facial massage cream is good because it’s a product of both quality and quality!

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