I usually go to take care of my health.

I have a friend who’s good with each other, so we’re fine.

If you find the Dongtan Massage Shop, book it together.

I go there often.

It’s good to be comfortable and to heal your mind.

Now, it has become a hobby.

I recently went to a place where I could get a round massage.

It’s a shop called Skin Care Foot & Foot.

First of all, it’s on the northern square of Dongtan, so it’s accessible.

It was easy to find because it was located behind the Ilgu Center.

There is a store on the third floor of the 동탄 건마 Nonghyup building.

Especially this place is old in the new town of Dongtan.

I’d like to tell a local acquaintance that it’s one of the best places

I remember hearing it a few times.

That’s how long we’ve been going through.

It means you’re getting recognition from a lot of customers.

I think I was able to trust and use it more.

There’s a variety of programs in place.

Depending on the condition of the body or where you want to receive it,

It’s also good that you can choose whatever you want.

I’ve just been informed that it’s been remodeled.

I had access to it before the visit.

Maybe that’s why it’s so neat from the entrance.

It was a calm and quiet place from the time we entered.

When I enter the store, I see a place for foot baths.

There is a small locker in front of it.

I see a lot of plants here and there, so I feel comfortable.

It’s a neat and tidy interior.

I liked his first impression.

It’s nice to have a locker room and a lock.

I have a separate dressing room, but I’m worried about losing it.

I thought it would be perfect if I put it in here.

At the Dongtan Massage Shop, parking tickets for customers are also available.

It’s ready when you bring your car.

Don’t forget to bring your parking ticket.

Various products are also on display on one side of the store.

These are the things that the shop sells.

It’s made of mild ingredients, and it’s often high quality.

I also look around with interest every time.

The staff doesn’t just recommend buying, they’re comfortable.

It was even better for you to be considerate to look around.

I was sitting on the couch while I was waiting.

Well, first of all, the staff was so kind.

I felt good because you explained it well.

The space is comfortable and quiet.

I felt like I was being relaxed.

After a brief consultation, I’ll decide what program I’m going to take

I moved to the dress room to change.

We were supposed to get a 50,000 won full body care plan.

The facilities are clean and luxurious. I love it.

I like it better because it has a great cost-effectiveness in many ways.

Changeable clothes and gowns in the dress room

There were towels and other things prepared.

It smells as good as fresh laundry.

It’s soft, so it’s nice to wear.

One thing I liked about it was that it had a wide variety of sizes.

I was able to choose the right size to wear it.

When you’re in care, you sit and lie down for a long time.

I’ll pick a large enough size for you to be active.

I dressed comfortably.

The products you can use after taking a shower.

It was a simple beach.

I’m more interested in neat shops.

I’d like to keep visiting.

That’s exactly what happened here.

I’m more interested in neat shops.

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