Those who want to get a job at a public corporation,

Now that most of the recruitment has been completed this year, many of you are thinking about doing a part-time job at a public institution, right?

I think it would be too lazy to do nothing until next year’s recruitment, and if you have any experience working at a public institution, I think it would be advantageous to apply for a public company.

For those of you, I’d like to share some news about part-time jobs at public institutions today!

1. A part-time job at a public institution is a super part-time job?

This year’s minimum wage was 8,590 won.

However, it is reported that there was a part-time job at a public institution that received 1.8 million won per month, more than 200 times the minimum wage! What’s even more surprising is that out of eight hours of work per day, the actual work hours were over an hour.

The “public data jobs” project, carried out by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, will pay 1.8 million won per month to the participating young people for six months.

It was originally planned to hire 8,440 people, but less than 6,000 people actually participated due to poor operations, and unlike the business plan, they were paid normal salaries even if they worked just an hour.

The people who worked part-time at the government’s public institutions

“I worked eight hours, but I worked an hour.”

“It’s a paid reading room.”

They left a review saying.

The goal of most young people applying for part-time jobs at public institutions is to gain related experience and learn, but I think this immature business management is very disappointing.

2. Working at public institutions, rather adversely affecting employment?

According to the Korea Employment Information Service’s “In-depth Evaluation of Financial Support Job Projects,” the government’s direct job policy has a negative impact on employment for young people and women.

In this data, the employment information officer

“From a job perspective, the unemployment problem may be 꿀알바 somewhat alleviated by active labor market policies, but the employment conditions of the vulnerable (young people, women, etc.) are expected to be difficult to improve.”

That’s what I explained.

Why would he explain it like this?

Direct job projects that the government directly supports most of the wages include public work and short-term job projects, among which simple direct job projects conduct job evaluations only through documents, and vocational training is not linked.

I wonder if such a part-time job at a public institution will help me get a job at a public company or a public corporation in the future.

Also, if you repeat two or more direct jobs, the employment rate is 2.2%, down 3.1%p from 5.3%.

It is said that the direct job business is still not linked well to job support services, employment services, and vocational training.

You can find such reviews often.

If you are considering a part-time job at a public institution, it would be better to first find out whether job training is strengthened or linked to job support programs and then apply for a program that suits your purpose!

It’s up to us to choose jobs that help us find jobs and specifications.

▼ Is public work not helpful for job specification?

Not helping the job spec?

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