Suncheon National University (President Ko Young-jin) held an event called “Day of Meeting Jobs and Jobs” at the University Job Center on the 4th to support the matching of outstanding companies and professionals, and announced that four engineering students were able to confirm their employment through the event.

The event was jointly organized and operated by the University Job Center and the Institute of Technology due to the expansion of jobs in the Corona 19 region, and was held to provide interview opportunities for young job seekers and to link excellent talent to job seekers.

SDN Co., Ltd. (CEO Choi Ki-hyuk) was interviewed to lead the domestic solar industry and to hire talent in related fields, and six prospective graduates from electrical engineering departments participated in interviews, and the final four were confirmed to be hired.

Prior to the day of employment and job interviews, the university job center consulted the university job center’s employment support officer through 1:1 consultation and conducted a mock interview to help him to interview with confidence.

“In the future, we will strengthen industry-academic cooperation to expand 꿀알바 employment opportunities for young job seekers in connection with the University Job Center,” said the head of the electrical engineering department, who co-organized the event.

In addition to visiting English, one-on-one English instructor class is convenient.

I can ask questions, and I have a lot of friends in the academy.

I think studying is more fun. English teacher and

Make sure to wear a mask and have an English class!

I got a job in English, got a job as an English teacher, and got a job in English.

Employment of native English instructor

이름; soufia ben***idda

Seeking job as a native English instructor, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

I majored in English literature at the University of Morocco.

I have experience as an English instructor.

Department of English, French, Arabic, all

It’s possible. In Korea, we have Carat English.

Office worker, Avalon academy, kids.

I used to teach.

I am married to my Korean husband, F-6 visa.

Yeah, well, I’ve been staying up late in the evening with the kids.

The class is difficult.

I hope it’s over by 6 o’clock at the latest.

the name of the academy

Seongnam City, Gyeonggi-do Province

two to three years of experience

2 to 5 o’clock a month until February 2021.

30-minute work / Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from March

It’s 1 – 7 working hours.

I will decide the salary after the interview.

The hourly wage by February is 30,000 won.

If you can prove your career, you can go up further.

You have to be available from January 4th.

English is a must in any country.

If I could speak English in the lower grade, I would go to high school and middle school.

I know a lot of English and travel comfortably, so I have a lot of time.

You can save money and go freely.

After Corona, I’ll probably travel abroad a lot, right?

After Corona, I’ll probably travel abroad a lot, right?

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