It’s been a while since the weather’s fine.

They say it’s going to be cold on Wednesday.

Shivering, too scary.

I used to hate summer.

I don’t know if this is really getting old or if it’s a little

My toes and hands are cold.

It’s hard to drive.

I’ve been poking around for the whole holiday last week.

using a private Leon only

It’s a couple massage, and it’s their own sweetheart.

I enjoyed the date in Mangmi-dong.

In fact, we often use Busan couple massage.

I do date 마사지 often.

One uses his body too much.

The other one is too little.

To release the clumped and hardened muscles.

I often find a good place to go.

This is the first time I’m here.

I first got to know you through Yonsan-dong Esthetic.

My address is Mangmi-dong, and my company, Sooyoung-gu.

It’s too close!

But I didn’t stop by to go with my boyfriend.

I came with you this weekend.

It’s very neat and a little bit.

Innisfree is a place where there is an atmosphere of darkness.

Natural, natural~~~

Quiet, glassy windows and warm beigeons.

It’s friendly but very restrained.

I see my Leon right in front of me.

It looks like you can park one or two cars in front of the store.

The Therapists are wearing uniforms.

It was more trustworthy!

And enjoy the date in Mangmi-dong, Sooyoung, Busan.

Make sure you don’t miss the route!

It was a phone call, not a Q-al.

It’s so convenient.

If I just call, it’s saved and hung up on me.

I don’t want to bother you. Bye bye.~

We can get it at the same time.

I got a couple massage in my room.

I’ll tell you one more time.

Pregnant women pre-natal, post-natal care, etc.

It’s mostly women-oriented.

The door’s closed like this.

You can’t see anything from the outside.

It’s a bit of a sensitive area.

So my boyfriend and I came earlier than the reservation time.

He asked me if I could wait a little longer in the car.

We waited until our turn and all the women left.

Because I’m a woman.

I like this, too.

Usually, it’s a Busan couple massage shop.

Men and women’s movements are mixed.

on the move with only a gown on

I felt uncomfortable when I ran into him.

It’s just the two of us. Get in the shop.

Take proper care of your back.

I was so happy that I could receive it.

I’ll leave it in Kosiguk.

It’s safer, too!

It’s so obvious that I’m blurring it!

I used to go there often because there was a tie shop in front of my house.

Oh, the hydraulic pressure is different.

Boyfriends often carry heavy things and install them.

It’s too tight and there’s a lot of fences.

Massaged from a date in Suyeong-gu, Busan

He said he slept like a log

How many massage dates did you have on a happy day

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