If it’s not easy to promote, get to the point.

It’s smooth to proceed. especially many

People are looking for advertisements through blogs.

Recently, the power of the blog’s top exposure

As it gets stronger, competition is definitely increasing.

Which is why we need to get to the point.

I can. Suppose there are countless promotional methods.

Especially blogs, blogs, and promotional activities.

It means that you have to sit at the top.

It’s like a blog top exposure.

You have to decide and focus on the exact keywords.

You can have a target layer. Internet

And the platform, and the blog, like this.

Let’s take a look before bowing. Easier.

For interpretation purposes, among the offline advertisements,

For example, outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising.

There are many different kinds. Usually outside.

I’m going to use the ad balloon, signboards, etc.

It’s a way to advertise using it. Like this

It is also important to install it 백링크 in a prominent place.

Top exposure on blogs is also a sign of a person’s eyes.

It should be done in a place that stands out.

Out of sight, out of people’s sight.

Nothing can shine where they’re pushed.

No, so we’re gonna have to start with something.

The situation and location are very important.

Where it’s already saturated, it’s a single spot.

It’s never easy to get through.

It’s not work. We’re gonna start like this.

The first thing to do is to create an environment.

It’s important to stand up step by step.

Most of the time, it’s a target that meets the goal, the target, the target.

The purpose is to give them validity.

So even in outdoor advertising, especially in specific places,

Advertisements that are located must be targeted and targeted accurately.

You need to do it. On the highway, for example,

He’s got a car, and he’s been carrying it around a lot.

You know, there’s a lot of lanes like highways.

There are a lot of outdoor advertising installations here.

Especially the large signboards that look around.

It’s easy to get into the driver’s eye and it’

You’ll come in. So whatever you promote,

It’s gonna work, but it’s gonna work, especially for drivers.

Promote service items, car-related products, etc.

It can be better to attract more attention.

Because the exact target is set.

I’m trying to figure out what’s at the heartbreaking point.

It’s the most basic way and approach.

I can do it. Well, then, the exposure to the top of the blog is…

To whom and how it should be done.

First of all, I know exactly what’s good and what’s good and whatnot.

You have to think about whether it’s a promotional method that should exist.

First of all, the benefits are the number of exposures and the transitions.

Click Through Rate (CTR), i.e., click rate and

Conversion Rate (CVR), or conversion rate,

There is no direct impact.

In the case of click-rate, you click on the ad like a word.

When divided by the number of exposures, the conversion rate is

The number of people who have visited that page has been switched.

This refers to the percentage divided. The transition here is exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Of course there are people who wonder what you’re talking about.

I think so. This is before the actual sales.

It means that changes are detected in all processes.

For example, a subscription, a product,

Steaming, shopping cart, buying, etc.

This refers to the detection of motion directly related to sales.

We’re going to take a lot of different ways to get a seat at the top.

You should know. That’s a simple catchy phrase.

If you upload a picture, the effect won’t last long.

Even though it’s a manuscript with a lot of care, your reading ability is…

Or maybe people don’t have a long time to read.

Too many letters, too many pictures.

The path to access the writing may vary.

If that happens, get some effort into writing.

It’s hard, so for the top exposure,

Through the rich experience we’ve built,

It should be proceeded with know-how.

Of course, steady management is important.

The top exposure on the blog is when it’s at the top.

You can’t figure it out yourself, but you can’t.

Get out of the range you can give them, at that rate,

to be free without worrying about the amount of the deduction;

But the other way around, it’s not just a matter of being guaranteed.

This part can be a disadvantage because it can’t be possible.

Not just here, but these days, it’s been Merritt.

I can’t even see the natural writing.

Becoming an artificial, contrived advertising market.

I think so. Similar titles, contents, and photos.

I think it’s making me dislike it.

I’m sure the writings and photos that I’ve seen at some point are new.

It’s been a few days since the posting started.

There are times when I’m confused because it’s not a post.

Once in a position, being exposed to the top of the fact that you’re in the top ranks

Because the effect is appreciated to some extent.

It’s repeatedly erased and uploaded.

So when we try to find information,

There’s a lot of familiarity, and I’m exposed to what I’ve seen once

New things to see and read, new information.

There may be restrictions on learning.

A market has been formed, and many businesses and people…

We understand and are doing the process.

In the past, when blogs first came into existence, there were a lot of different.

People share a day, and they share a lot of information.

But now it’s the pure, innocent man.

The end is gone, and it’s becoming more and more business-like.

It’s deteriorating. That’s how much it’s for consumers.

To facilitate whether the article is an advertisement or not.

It also means that he’s aware of it.

Of course, you can get free of charge or to a certain extent.

If you’ve got support, make it public. Go ahead.

Well, it’s possible that the advertisement.

Find out, buy, and use the product.

A nuance that seems to have done everything in person.

Deceptive of the same users who are looking for that blog.

It can be an act, and the user knows it.

You may feel rejected.

So I’m not sure what to do with the exposure to the top of the blog.

I don’t know where to do it, why.

I want you to bury it naturally with a clear purpose.

It’s better to proceed. And about logic.

It’s a natural advertisement with an accurate understanding.

You have to be able to pay.

So I’m not sure what to do with the exposure to the top of the blog.

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