I’ve been thinking about it for two months

It’s flowing.

But still, the number of confirmed workers

due to the overturning of 5-600

corona 19 virus

The danger of radio waves still exists.

So when I was away for a while

Most of them will wear masks.

But I’m going to wear a mask for a long time.

If so, the skin will be damaged

be able to happen

I need to buy more

You’d better do it.

in advance

It’s best you do it well

I’m going to check the problem

Then I heard

people who want to go in

A lot of people.

A pointed rash is bothering me secretly.

But I’m not sure I’ll let you

I’m not gonna let it go

It takes a long time, and it gets rid of it quickly

If you force me to squeeze or touch


a cautious approach

That would be nice.

Easy to dry seasons!

I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to

If there was a rash on the skin

If you’re not wet enough to be angry

bright and transparent skin

If you want, I’ll find it.

The sound body touches the skin for a reason

Please visit Bucheon Sangdo.

I’m not gonna let you take care of this place.

I can’t help but notice

I can’t hang up because I can see it!

You’re a lot of people.

I’ve been through it myself

He just wanted to keep getting it.

You don’t have to invest anything else, but I won’t.

I don’t spare it.

I’m not giving it to anyone else.

It plays a big role in planting.

This is always where you need to go

I can manage it with my best efforts

There is nothing more to say about being kind.

My favorite is actually the cost part!

That is a very burdensome amount

I am 홈타이 avoiding it.

It’s a caustic substance and is good for your product

It is a famous place to use

Corona’s a little nervous

There was a little bit, but there were a lot of antiviruses

I need to clean this area

You’re doing the right thing

blankets or towels

I am doing regular cleaning

Color and design are periodically

It’s changing.

under management


It is a very reliable place.

I was at the Sangdong Massage Store in Bucheon.

Lower caustic rain and manage properly

I don’t think I’ll give it to you anymore.

I have to make a reservation.

It is a high-profile place

If you don’t make a reservation in advance, you can make a reservation

It is difficult to hold the handle

I hope you can check it out

It’s famous for its Sangdong Massage Shop in Bucheon

They are very dominant in their positions.

public transportation, private use

write everything comfortably

It’s possible.

Don’t worry about the parking lot

You can get the car out.

I don’t know what kind of treatment I’m going to get

I was worried.

I talked to the director

Status, desired effects, etc.

I consulted and decided carefully

The official is Goldring Care.

a well-known source

Don’t ask questions or questions!

the indoor as well as the cleanliness

I like it, so I can’t do it.

wanting to remain

The sound touches the skin.

It’s a chain store, and there’s another branch.

If this place is far from here, then another point

I’ll search and get there

It’s effective! Rainfall!

Beige contour reduction, scent management,

Goldring Body Management, Special Gold Package

I’m going to tell them I’m going to be.

I don’t want to!

I don’t know, I don’t know

Unlike Sangdong Massage in Bucheon

That’s a good price!

If you’re having this discount event!

Furthermore, it is inevitable

I’m more interested in skin because I’m interested in skin

I have more investments, so it’s more expensive

I’m so glad to find a good store.

Faith and Systemic Management

I’m taking it and I’m going

I chose it!

a decision on what attention to be paid to

If so, where should we go first?

It’s a dressing room.

In every space, it is very neat


I think it’s getting bigger and bigger

I saw you caring everywhere.

This is the dressing room!

Inside, we’re in the shower together

Cool in the shower after management

You can shower.

You can wash your hands in the sink

All the basic supplies are ready

easy to use

I think the lights make it more cozy.

Slimly manage the face line itself

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