I dated him in Gwangalli together.

I’m going to take you to the Gwangalli restaurant

I made a reservation on Sunday, and that day

I didn’t know it was Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been living for a long time

I felt so good this day.

I feel like I’ve got something.

I thought all the lovers I saw on this day were entertainers.

The ant waist is equipped with a short skirt and long boots

It was pretty, but I envy the young man himself!

If we go back ten years

I’m going back to Gwangalli in a mini skirt.

It was really nice where we went this day.

a good drink of wine with lovers

It was a nice restaurant.

Line 2 subway line down from Geumryeonsan Station and to the sea

It’s a long way to go down.

The sea from afar has just begun to

Make me pound!

It’s a long walk down

on the second floor of the last corner building

gwangan-ri restaurant and wine bar

I can see Cow and Beef!

I was worried about the weather

At night, the Gwangan Bridge view is still

She was alive. She was more glistening.

You have to walk in a good place with your hands.

The sea is just in front of you, so after dinner

It’s a good place to take a walk, and it’s the best place to date.

Business hours are from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm every day

It’s a long business hours.

Lunch hours are from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Dinner hours are available from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

It was open hours from 9:00 a.m., so breakfast was also available

brunch, meals, wine, beer and coffee

All of you can enjoy it in one place

If you don’t have a reservation, you may not be able to use it.

Especially the window seat is very popular!

I couldn’t get any steamed beans at the window.

Hurry up!

Good news that cute dogs can also enter together!
Let’s do this. I’ve finished with a picture.

The view of Gwangan Bridge on a wide window

It’s fantastic!

If your boyfriend makes a reservation

I think I’ll do it right away. Ha ha!

There’s no one’s going to be a million-dollar night view!

We didn’t use it at the window

You can also see the window out of the back seat more widely

It was pretty good.

The interior was wide, and there were group seats

It was introduced as a restaurant and wine bar in Gwangalli

I saw a bar like this. It’s a good place to be a horny.

We also have a wine refrigerator and a beam projector image

I’ve been making every corner of it in a very moody way.

The water can be taken with more self-suffering

There were several menus on it.
It was getting darker and brighter.

and good music and delicious food

I’m gonna look at the face of my favorite person

It was really good to leave a commemorative photo.
It’s a menu and price for Gwangalli restaurant,

You can pull it on a slide and zoom in.

There were many kinds of wine.

red wine white wine

I could get a recommendation for a good wine.

We ordered it as a dinner set.

Pre-dinner bread and chopped sirloin steak + Spicy temple pasta +

I used a bottle of wine for 79,000 won.

I think it’s a special day at a generous price.
We decided to red

He gave it to me for 2019.

with a high-end taste

It was a neat wine.

The candles glowing brightly in the glass

That’s cozy.

The man who looked like the president was very kind.

If you’re around every time you go to the bathroom, you can open the door

He gave me his password and was gentle, like a British gentleman.
Every time I made a cup, the staff came and filled me.

You shake the glass, let it meet the air, and then drink it

It was more delicious. It’s a very attractive drink.
We got warm bread and pickles.

My husband came home to say he wanted more bread

You’re timid
I sat out the window, and my husband

I thought you were just looking at me, so I just

I moved him to the side and let him look out.

We’ve got the steaks and pasta we ordered.

with a large temple

Vegetables and tomato 셔츠룸 garlic are topped.

And the cheese toppings were up.

I ate it a little bit with my snack.

I was so happy that I wanted to eat it

I thought it would disappear soon, so I ate it a little bit.
I got a steak

The sauce that mashed potatoes with the meat

It was a delicacy to take a picture.

I came out with medium rare baking

It was very soft.

I’m so good to eat in sauce

I thought I could eat it all by myself
I rolled it up and put it in his mouth.
We were happy, we were happy.

I’ve been talking to my husband a lot on Valentine’s Day

They had a good drink.
That’s a wonderful background.

If you’d come to Gwangalli, Busan

with a sense of view

Don’t forget to book a restaurant in Gwangalli.

You’ll be loved

I’ve been talking to my husband a lot on Valentine’s Day

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