Shopping mall management
Blog management
I’m really not sure I can see my cell phone or laptop

The back of the neck is now beyond discomfort
a head-to-head situation

Before orthopedics, let’s get a massage
I thought about it

It is an opportunity to experience the time,
I’m going to the Bumgyebal Massage Shop

You know?
The headaches of the back of the neck

Hospitals are hospitals,
I mean, your usual lifestyle is important

It seems good to manage it with massage like me

Nowadays, there are a lot of young people coming
Of course, it’s the computer and the laptop.

You’re supposed to use a lot of necks and shoulders

The times seem to be inevitable in the future

Now, let’s get this straight,
Shall I raise my reviews?

I go to the experience group sometimes,
There are often places where I think I can pay my money and go to a really good place

The price was great and your massage was so good

I wanted to give him some money and come back

Especially Chinese, Korean? Anyway, he’s the one

You 짭까사이 are very good at horses, and you are so good at massage ~

You’ve got a real good place to be. I don’t know your name.

Anyway, I want to go to him again

I mean, I’m a little distance away, I don’t know if I’ll get a chance,

I’m gonna take you to the groom in time. The groom is a computer-only job

I feel my neck slipping forward

The name is a telegraph foot management shop
I was just looking for an address and I was confused with the third floor Taimasage and I was wandering for a while
The same building, fifth floor.

There’s a lot of footbaths on one side of the room
The course with the foot part in the course is
He’s got a foot bath

I’ll put a price tag and a course picture below

[What’s on the black blackboard is the price of the event]
[The yellow menu below is the normal price]

I really like the price.
I saw someone who’s packing modeling in addition to foot and whole body massages
I guess it’s possible to manage your skin.
I drink tea while I’m in the footbath!

That red foot bath contains rose fluid
It’s warm, and it’s like the day’s fatigue is loosening.

Now, let’s take a full-fledged stance.

The room is just like a regular massage shop
Wherever you go, the interior scenery here is similar.

Put your face in the hole and lie down comfortably
Now I’m starting to get massages in earnest

You told the masseuse that the back of his neck was so painful and stiff,
You’re holding me more in that area!

audit audit

He’s lying like a dead body
I’m a little old-fashioned when I’m in skin care.

It’s cool to release the sore muscles, but sometimes
I did not sleep hard because there was a sounding place.

He’s been controlling the strength when he talks!

I don’t like it too weak, and it’s scary and medium-sized.

I asked you to take a picture of me drinking in the middle
I couldn’t take a picture while I was massaged so hard

Anyway, it was very cool

Those who get a steady massage are fine,
Those who are almost in a group should share a few times

Finish, change clothes in the dressing room, and finish.

I can’t really manage my body because I’m raising children
The massage I had for a long time was really cool

a price-precious massage shop
If you think about Anyang massage, you’ll be happy to be here

Especially, housewives could put it in the room next to the children at a leisure time in the morning

Instead, you should ask for a free time zone and let the children play.

Or there’s a sofa or a TV in front of the information desk, so I think the kids can watch or play TV for about an hour

[If you find a criminal massage, you will be strong against the masters.]

It’s right in front of exit 2 of Bumgye Station

You can go on the subway and you can go comfortably, I’ll have to go again soon

I’ll put up the map below
If you want to get a massage at a reasonable price,
Please visit me
skin telegraph management
Pyeongchon-ro 223-gil 59, Jung-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
A little walk from exit two will bring Seoryeoncoa Building
You can take the elevator here and go to the fifth floor

A person who can’t see a laptop

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